Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Icefaces with Liferay

-ICEfaces application
I have used it and it works great for portlet development in ajax push environment. The product runs as a portal
for Health Language inc ( Health Language LE Access Portal (LEAP) is a web-based application meets
healthcare terminology initiatives, analytics, and reporting applications. Portal helps hospitals and their vendors easily and
quickly create, select, update, and manage medical and administrative terminologies for healthcare applications. Its a liferay
customized portal. Portal includes a powerful terminology repository and web-based tools for searching, browsing, mapping, and
collaborating using webservices call.

Custom Porlets started with sample portlet for liferay 4.3.1.We created customized portlet based on
sample-icefaces-sun-portlet and sample-icefaces-myfaces-portlet with different names. Added it to a page. Some portlets have
inter-communication too, which works great aong Icefaces portlets. Ajax push works well for auto-update
from server without the page or components reload. This was important for us because the application required powerful and rich
interface to display terminology repository and web-based tools for searching, browsing, mapping, and collaborating.
This portal was suppose to cater to hospitals and their vendors, ttherefore, with easy-to-use web interface was required.
Further, frequent updates everyday takes place to synchronoze all terminology updates in cooperation with all the world’s terminology
standards bodies to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date content is displayed.

All Icefaces components work great in Ajax push environement. Especially, Icefaces 'FileUpload' component with a
progress bar is awesome and works well as compared to JSF fileupload.

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